Popular Mix 1KG

Popular Mix 1KG


Do you need any more of a description than the product name?


This is a 1-kilogram bag of the most popular sweets that we sell from our very own shop in the heart of Brighton. These are the ones that sell quickest for a reason.


1-kilogram bag could contain all or some of the following:


Soft rhubarb and custard, smiles, black jacks, fruit salads, yellow bellies, gummy black and raspberries, fizzy dummies, gummy dolphins, sour apples, watermelon slices, giant strawberries, fizzy strawberries, pink and blue bottles, cola bottles, fizzy cherries, strawberry cream rock, pink and white mushrooms, strawberry dreams, fizzy peaches, fizzy tongues, cherries, brains, vampire teeth, fizzy vampire teeth, cherry cola bottles, gummy snakes, fizzy snakes, fried eggs, giant cola bottles, metres, refreshers.