Liquorice Mix

Liquorice Mix


Liquorice is not a taste for everyone. But if you like liquorice you will know the craving you have for it. This sweet, chewy, aromatic morsel of goodness will leave some of you needing more.


This mix could include all of or some of the following:


Pontefract cakes, jelly buttons, aniseed balls, liquorice allsorts, liquorice torpedoes, liquorice comfits, black and white mints, lion liquorice gums, blackcurrant and liquorice, liquorice and caramel, liquorice fruit rock, kokindjes, banana and liquorice monkey, mint and liquorice, liquorice toffee, liquorice rolls, cherry liquorice rolls, liquorice laces, strawberry liquorice laces, apple liquorice laces.


Although we try to get the best selection of sweets in our bags. Some of the sweets in the image may be substituted with an alternative.