Old Fashioned Mix

Old Fashioned Mix


Want a nostalgic experience? Want to give that special no risk present to someone? Then this is the mix for you. We have included some of the best-loved and most well-known sweets right from the heart of a traditional pick and mix shop.


This mix could contain all or some of the following:


Pear drops, acid drops, black jacks, fruit salads, barley sugar, butterscotch, aniseed twists, cough candy, pineapple cubes, sherbert lemons, fried eggs, toffee bonbons, candy necklace, white mice, jelly babies, jelly beans, american hard gums, rhubarb and custartd, jazzies, dolly mixture, fruit pastilles, anglo bubbly, shrimps, drumsticks, milk gums, milk teeth, refreshers, love hearts, parma violets, double lollies, fruit caramaels, lion midget gems, jelly snakes.


Although we try to get the best selection of sweets in our bags. Some of the sweets in the image may be substituted with an alternative.