Gelatine Free Mix

Gelatine Free Mix


Looking for a super tasty bag of sweet treats but without the gelatine? Then look no further. This assorted bag contains only gelatine free goodies stored and packed completely separately to our other mixes.


This mix could contain some of or all of the following:


Fizzy strawberries, vampire teeth, fizzy vampire teeth, giant strawberries, fizzy cherries, pear drops, strawberry belts, fizzy dummies, candy necklace, gummy fish, jelly beans, fizzy metres, gummy pigs, cherry cola bottles, fizzy cola bottles, fizzy tongues, astro belts, toffee bonbons, sour apples, fruit sherbets, toffees, raspberry bonbons, american hard gums, cherry wheels, fizzy blue babies, love hearts.


Although we try to get the best selection of sweets in our bags. Some of the sweets in the image may be substituted with an alternative.