Gummy Mix

Gummy Mix


Are you a fan of a chewy sweet? Whether you are going on a plane, train or car journey, seeing a film at the cinema, or just lounging around at home. Who doesn't want a bag of gummy sweets to be within arms reach?


This mix could include all of or some of the following:


Gummy cherries, yellow bellies, gummy black and raspberries, fruit pastilles, gummy bears, jelly beans, jelly babies, gummy pigs, cola bottles, giant cola bottles, gummy brains, meerkats, american hard gums, giant strawberries, fruit caramels, fruitella, milkshake bottles, juicy lips, heart throbs, strawberry cream rock, vampire teeth, gummy snakes, gummy dolphins, fried eggs, wine gums, freaky fish, fruit salad, jelly bones.


Although we try to get the best selection of sweets in our bags. Some of the sweets in the image may be substituted with an alternative.