Liquorice Speciality Mix

Liquorice Speciality Mix


Are you a liquorice fan but starting to think liquorice allsorts are a bit repetitive? Then try this salt liquorice mix to solidify your love of liquorice. This sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, sometimes salty sweet liquorice is delicious.


These are imported from Holland, and Sweden and people from these countries go crazy for the stuff and rightly so. Give it a try and see if you get hooked.


This mix could include all of or some of the following:


Kokindjes, Geveltjesdrop, Swedish raspberry and liquorice skulls, Bisaldrop triple salt, DZ Rond double salt, Boerderijdrop, DZ Fortizal double salt, Swedish cherry chilli liquorice, Salmiak rock, Munton drop, Swedish salty skulls, Swedish sour strawberry and liquorice, Heksehyl, Caramel and liquorice, Magic stick peppermint and liquorice, Honing drop, Liquorice fruit rock, Samliak truffels, Apekoppen (banana and liquorice), Haringen drop, Schoolkrijt, Menthol groentjes, Griotten, Schuinzout, Trollen drop, Katjes.


Although we try to get the best selection of sweets in our bags. Some of the sweets in the image may be substituted with an alternative.